Iconic Engineering Solutions Ltd is proud to announce the purchase of there first CNC Machine tool. We have purchased an XYZ LPM 3 Axis milling machine. Click on the image to learn more!!!

Engineering Consultants


Iconic Engineering Solutions Ltd functions as a quality driven Engineering Consultants delivering mechanical engineering solutions. Using our own 3D Computer Aided Design software (Solidworks) or using your own, Iconic Engineering Solutions Ltd can produce technical, manufacturing drawings and supporting documentation to your requirements. We engage in product design in various industry sectors. We can manage your projects from first idea and concept, through to manufacture and on to the market place.

​​​3D Printing

 Why just imagine what your products could look like and why settle for just a drawing.Why not print a scale model of your ideas. We use a large selection of FDM filaments to give accurate models to our customers.


Using Solidworks suite of analysis tools we are able to offer linear and non linear FEA and CFD studies. We can FEA single components or assemblies and conduct internal and external CFD Studies.