sir Isaac newtons apple

For the Gravity Fields Science Festival in Grantham we took a real apple from Woolsthorpe Manor where Sir Isaac Newton lived and had it 3D scanned. We then took the digital data and created a CAD model in Solidworks. We used Solidworks to export an STL file that could then by used by our 3D Printer. We then worked with a local Jeweller who gilded solid silver leaves to sit on top of the apple. They were a great hit at the festival

ardingly college solar challenge

We have spent the last quarter of 2017 manufacturing many components for Ardingly College and its new Solar Powered Vehicle. We have been making components for the front suspension and the battery pack and systems. Materials have been a mixture of Hi Grade 6000 Series Aluminium and Phenolic sheet. All parts have been made on our new CNC Milling Machine.

Suspension upright design

We were asked to redesign a sports car suspension upright because the current cast items were proving difficult to source and the uprights as a package was getting costly. We started out with designing a billet machine centre that the bearing assembly will mount too. We then also added separate wishbone mounting brackets so the upright could accept modified suspension geometry to suit different requirements. 

Group 'c' Le mans components

We were sent a old and well used component from an important Group C Le Mans car. Our job was to reverse engineer the component and reproduce it accurately and with sympathy to the techniques used in the day it was first made. Material was 2014 TF Aluminium.

Airlander 10 

We spent 24 months working on various Ground Support Systems including External Ground Works and Mooring Mast Projects. This made great use of our experience with special purpose machinery and vehicle design. We also worked with Access Equipment used to gain entry to the engine pylons so engineers could work on various systems.